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We Started in 2003

Taurus Chutes Inc, has been in business for more than 8 years providing services and products in the whole state of florida from top manufactureres like Midland Chutes, Chutes International, US Chutes and more.

We work with CAD design system to assure your designs are accurate and on time. All of our Chutes meet all NFPA-82 standards and all intake doors are UL-B labeled and approved for both drywall and masonry construction.

Our basic Chutes contain: Intake sections with specified door install on unit, Angle iron, Floor brace to support the Chute, Outlet door equiped with fusibe link to close in case of fire, Full diameter vent to extend four feet above the roof level, Sprinkler and flushing head at the top of Chute with additional sprinkler heads at every other floor. Additional items may be ordered such as sanitizing units, Access doors, Electric interlocks, Sound coating and Isolators pads.


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